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Byrdbored 2015 replay – West Round #2

The Byrdbored 2015 replay continues with the Western Conference round #2…..

Golden State Warriors (4-3) over San Antonio Spurs

The series everyone wanted to see in real life, ended up like most would think (well, a seven-game series anyway).  However, only one game out of the seven would be closely contested.  Game #1 was led by Klay Thompson and his 23 points and the San Antonio Spurs shooting only 38% from the floor, in a Warriors 108-90 victory.  San Antonio would even up the series holding Golden State to only 37% shooting in game #2 with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson only hitting 13 of 37 shots in a 91-87 Spurs win. Curry would rebound in game #3, however, hitting on 13 of 25 shots and 5 of 12 three-pointers, for 31 points and 5 assists, in a 109-95 Golden State win. The Warriors would destroy San Antonio, 124-83, in game #4 led by Klay Thompson’s 31 points and the Warriors shooting 59% from the floor.  Just when everyone thought the series was over, the Spurs battled back to shock the Warriors, 104-76, in Oakland led by Tim Duncan’s 16 points and 11 rebounds. The San Antonio bench would blast the Warriors 59-38 in game #6 to help pull off a 108-101 win and force a game #7.  Unfortunately for the Spurs, they would shoot only 32% in game #7 and Golden State would take the final game, 100-85, to advance to the Western Conference Finals.

Los Angeles Clippers (4-1) over Houston Rockets

The tone of this series would be set in the first two games where the Clippers dominated.  Houston would only shoot 31% in game #1 and Chris Paul controlled the tempo with 25 points in a 81-69 win.  Paul and Blake Griffin would double-team the Rockets in game #2 with Paul scoring 34 points with 8 assists, while Griffin had 28 points, 15 boards and 6 assists in a 114-93 victory.  James Harden was held to only 16 points in game #2 for Houston. Harden would bounce back in game #3 to score 28 points with 7 assists, 6 rebounds and 3 steals, but the Rockets would still fall to the Clippers, 105-102, when Jamal Crawford nailed the game-winning three-pointer at the buzzer.  Houston pulled off game #4 in overtime, 110-103, thanks to a 13-6 overtime period domination, led by Harden’s 10 points in the last five minutes. Game #5 would come down to yet another buzzer- beater.  Chris Paul had 25 points, 10 assists and 5 rebounds and nailed a fade-away jumper at the buzzer to clinch the series and send the Clippers to the Western Conference Finals.

Western Conference Finals matchup….

(#3) Los Angeles Clippers vs. (#1) Golden State Warriors

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