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Nets shopping Joe Johnson

joe-johnson_416x416Surprisingly, there are teams willing to talk to Brooklyn about Joe Johnson.  It is surprising not because Johnson is bad player, but it is due to his gigantic salary which will be around $25 million next season.  According to Marc Stein of ESPN, the Memphis Grizzlies expressed interest in Johnson, but the two teams just could not make any deal work.  However, the Nets are now encouraged that the market for Johnson is actually better than some would think.  Charlotte and the Pistons have asked about Johnson but are unlikely to land him mostly due to other off-season moves they have made. There is no doubt that Brooklyn wants to move any of their higher paid players and start the rebuilding process.  Most think that the Nets are the front-runners to re-sign both Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, however.  Lopez and Young are still young enough to possibly rebuild around unlike Joe Johnson who is now 34. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brooklyn finds a taker eventually though.  If Johnson could go to the right veteran team, he could be a solid piece (despite definitely being overpaid).

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