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Wizards not expected to move Nene

Washington Wizards power forward/center, Nene, is not expected to be moved this Summer.  He will be paid $13 million next season, and there doesn’t seem to be very much interest in the big man.  Nene averaged 11 points and 5.1 rebounds last season for the Wizards.  It is more likely that Nene could be moved closer to the trading deadline next February.  A contender in need of a big man could come calling by then, and the Wizards could make a move as long as there would be another expiring contract involved.  It is also more likely that Nene comes off the bench next season behind starting center, Marcin Gortat, instead of starting at the power forward spot.  There could be some interesting decisions made by Washington closer to the trading deadline next season.  That might give the team a chance to see if they can start the season off quickly and evaluate what they still have?  Paul Pierce could be a key missing piece if he chooses to sign as a free agent with either the Clippers or return to the Boston Celtics.  The Wizards could be in a very fragile spot?APTR_Nene-Hilario

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