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Anthony Davis getting paid!

In the definite understatement category, the New Orleans Pelicans are getting ready to lock down their superstar, Anthony Davis.  Most reports have the Pelicans willing to offer Davis an extension in the neighborhood of 5 years at around $143 million! The 22-year old averaged 24.4 points, 10.2 rebounds and 2.9 blocks in around 36 minutes per game last season for New Orleans.  The big question might be will Davis be willing to sign this quickly or will he want to wait and see?  Davis could wait until next Summer when the team salary caps are set to explode.  However, it is clear that New Orleans is going to make sure they offer Davis every dime they can to keep him with the Pelicans.  Most experts expect Davis to be the next in line as the “best player on the planet” to take over for LeBron James in a few years.  Anthony-Davis

Update (07/01/2015):  The official deal will be $145 million over 5 years.  Davis plans to stay in New Orleans for awhile!

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