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I have had an interesting idea knocking around in my head for a few years now. This idea would only work if I can get true NBA addicts like myself though. I want to start a “true” fantasy basketball league centered around the website.  I am not sure about all the details yet, but here are some starter details.

The league would be based on the way the NBA does things, in general.  Therefore, it would be everything NBA!  There would be no re-drafts every year. Each person would be the owner of their team and can draft, trade and sign free agents just like in the real NBA. I want a hard cap for the league with no exceptions, but yes I would track the cap for each owner.  It would depend on how many teams there are as to which players we would include. One of the things I hate about fantasy leagues is that there are no real games played.  It is all based on the stats that night for your players. However, I think it is best to draft players with a set of rules and use season stats to play actual games on the computer. That way the best owners are rewarded for building the best teams. The more teams we have, the more we may have to go “back in time”. If we have 30 teams or less, we would just include current day players. It would probably be best not to use actual NBA teams, but use logos that I find of “non-NBA” teams. I have not made my mind up about the fee that I would charge, but I would have to charge something for running it.  The main idea I had though was as long as you paid that yearly fee, you would own that team and it would be your baby.  You would make all decisions related to the team.  I believe this would be so much fun for NBA addicts.  After all, who wouldn’t love to have their own team to build?

Obviously, I couldn’t own a team, because I would be running the league. However, let me know how many of you are true addicts out there.  I think this really could be fun for everyone.  The time frame for this will depend on how much response I get about it.  I just feel it is time to do a “real” fantasy league for “real” fans.  If you have ever wanted to be an owner and run your team your way, it will be the league for you.

Just respond to me at if you are interested so I can start seeing how much interest there is.  Also, any ideas you have about making it the best league ever, just send me your thoughts.

Your commish…..

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